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Àkura Student Mobile APP Features

Mobile Application

Mobile enablement of the Parent module, through which Parents can access Àkura on smartphones.

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    Virtual Classroom

         Online learning can make education more fun and interactive in a different way. There are many features of E-learning system in “ÀKURA”. Some of them are,  
    • Virtual laboratories.
    • Manage homework submissions and submit assignments.
    • Online exams.
    • Stay update with the syllabus and coursework.
    • Easy Note Sharing with Peers
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         Attendance module is benefits to both parents and the students. Parents can track their child attendance . Parents get a notification about their child absence and late attendance. Students also can stay up to date with their Attendance information. The system is capable of marking manual and automated attendance and the report produces the attendance summary of selected students.
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         Parent get a notification about their child discipline through a SMS. There for parents can track their child activities through the system from anywhere and anytime. Students also can stay up to date with their discipline information.
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         Students can manage their extra-curricular activities and after school programs through the system. And also parents get notified about their student co-curricular activities and get updates about it. Administrators also can identify top talents students for extra- curricular through the system.
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         Students can Compare their own exam marks with previous terms via graph to analysis performance. Teachers can track & monitor student performance-term-wise/subject-wise/yearly trends performances and can provide online solutions facilities more timely completion of tasks through the system. Parents can compare & contrast their child's educational performance termly via graphs. And also Parents or students can download or share student materials, Past papers. Allows the user to view term exam results, prefect details, scholarship details, academic achievements and attended seminars through the system.
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         The new Àkura, advanced Notification module, allows the user to broadcast, Notifications and S.M.S. to Parents, Students, Staff & Alumni, wherever they are in the world, at anytime with English, Sinhala, Tamil languages. And also S.M.S. and Mobile Notifications can be sent to a selected staff in different categories or selected students. Mainly there are 3 options to choose as SMS and Notifications, SMS only and Notification only when install the mobile app. Through this parents can track their child attendance, Disciplinary activities and health conditions. An embedded indicator will show the monthly available SMS count for the users.
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         Through the system the users can track extensive health related information for students. Can track the student health details. Parents get notifications about their child health. System has all the details of student health history. There for this module helps the parents and the school to monitor their children’s health easily.
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         Users can track the Upcoming and past events in the school. Past students also get notify about the school events like prize giving’s , sport meets , etc.
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    User Profile

         Every user can maintain their own Àkura user profile account. In a student profile it has a photograph of the student and the general information, previous school details, health conditions like different details. Students can edit their profile.