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Àkura Disciplinary Records

An Easy way to Manage Disciplinary Records
Àkura Disciplinary Records Feature provides administrators an opportunity to track discipline, merits, positive and negative behavioral issues, with dates, students involved, and action taken. Depending on the permission levels, teachers have access to view disciplinary records, add more comments, or edit entries.
  • Parent can get notified about their child’s discipline through a SMS/Notifications. With our Àkura Android or iOS mobile applications, parents can track their child’s activities from anywhere at any time. Students also can stay up to date with their disciplinary information
  • Disciplinary report can be generated through the system
  • Disciplinary alerts
  • Keep track on positive or negative behavioral issues
  • Notify teachers any conflicts
  • Keep a record of merit and demerit
  • Get notifications on active disciplinary incident updates
  • Parent have access to view their child’s disciplinary records
It is simple, user-friendly and increases the discipline of the entire school community