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Àkura Core features

Library Module
“The Àkura Library Management Module” has been designed to handle the primary housekeeping functions of a library.
Health Module
The Àkura Student Health Module helps parents and the school management to monitor students health easily.
Virtual Classroom
This will help, you to manage, your school distance learning.
SMS & Notification Module
The New Advanced Notification Module allows the user to broadcast Àkura Mobile App Notifications or SMS from the system to the end users, parents, students, staff and alumni.
Audit Facilities
Àkura can audit the system and maintain records with the date, time of change and the username.
Alumni Module
The Akura Alumni Portal is a module that helps schools to bring their alumni together on one platform.
Reference Module
The Àkura Reference Module, is the Core Module that Links All of the Other Modules of the Àkura Cloud-based School Management System.
Attendance Module
The Àkura attendance module has benefits for all parents, students and staff. Parents can track their child’s attendance and get notified concerning their absence or late entry.
Àkura News & Calendar Events
Akura News & Calendar Events will allow the user to easy access to school News, and calendar events.
Àkura Disciplinary Records
The ability of the teacher to reward the desirable behavior of children rather than punish bad behavior. The desirable stimulus reinforces the behavior making it more likely that it will reoccur.
Bulk Data Management
Facilitates uploading or downloading of bulk Excel files including student information, parent details, parent logins, staff logins, student logins, and exam marks and other templates to or from the system.
The Àkura Reporting Module
Àkura is an innovative platform designed to streamline the inefficiencies in a traditional school system.

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