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Àkura Virtual Classroom

An Easy way to Manage your school’s Distance Learning
This will help you to manage your school distance learning. The Àkura Virtual Classroom provides a way for students to improve their knowledge through distance learning.
  • Àkura Study Materials
    • Upload/delete study materials by teachers
    • Upload virtual laboratories/mini video clips
    • Parents and students can view and download daily homework
    • Upload / Download school term past papers, test banks and past papers
    • Parents and students can view, download past papers
    • Stay up to date with the syllabus and coursework
    • Easy note sharing with peers
    • Easy search capabilities
  • Past Exam Papers
    • Upload / Download school term past papers, test banks and other past papers
  • Live Discussions / Online Classes
    • Join a meeting with just one click
    • Has the option to choose any platform
    • Simple and easy to setup
    • Set reminders
    • View your online class calendar
  • Extra Math Activities
    • Students can download extra math activities for their benefit, with the permission of the school (optional)
  • Useful Links
    • Other useful links for students, parents & staff can find here (Ex. Links to online learning tools, online exams etc.) (optional)