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Frequently asked questions

Àkura is an all-in-one school management system, which can be used to manage administrative, academic and extra-curricular activities.

Because Akura is a sri lankan based platform that unites school authorities, faculty & staff, students, parents and alumni to enhance the quality of education.

The fact that the system is developed using Java, spring MVC and other open source technology makes it difficult to crack the security mechanism.

Simply go through the following instruction link to download and install the mobile application https://drive.google.com/file/d/16TdFdU1mPtK_x--EpMViRgKf_Cl0UzV_/view

Please use the following link to download the Akura mobile application http://aspitio.net/mobile/download.html

Yes, We provide remote & face-to-face training.

Backup your school’s data automatically daily with fully privacy.

  • Alert parents, students or the guardians about students absents, academic records
  • Automating the Prefect Selection, and Sports eligibility without bias
  • Autogenerated Reports: Get your customized report cards, include your school logo to give a professional looks to your report
  • Start a new term or school year just in minutes
  • Auto Generate your school timetable
  • Virtual Lessons
  • Reserve Search Library Books
  • Friendly User Interface

Since Akura is an online school management system your computer/device should have an internet connection & a browser to access the system.

Yes, basic customizations can be accommodated.

Yes, we do provide report card customizing facilities.

Obtaining further information by make a contact with our experienced IT staffs.

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